Sexy Girl in a red Bikini Jumps for Joy

Very simple drawing of a girl I drew a few days ago.  idk why I waited to upload it here... I was not going to draw a background.  just plain white background.  I think this however catches more the attention of people.  since you know some of my pics, but not all of my pics here are for sale as stock images.  the more attention from people, the more sales one could make.

There are times my mood changes dramatically, and drawing is just not of my interest.  idk why this happens.  I will sometimes draw lots of pics in a month or something, then there are several months that I don't draw anything because the my mood has changed and drawing is the least of my priorities. Maybe I have said this much in my other posts, guess that is just what I wanted to write today.

On to other topic:  I found a cool tool to make any drawing into vector graphics.  It is so cool! I can create a drawing and then make it into a neat Illustrator file.

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Great day!
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