Don't Speak - No Doubt - Drawing Sings

For the longest time I had been a fan of No Doubt. An awesome rock band bred here in California. Think of Anaheim, the tragic kingdom, magic kingdom, disneyland and so on. I think this song here: Don't Speak was the one song that introduced me to them. Since I first heard it, I liked it. I remember it played on the radio along with Spider Web which is also a popular hit they had in the 90s.

 Anyways, I had this drawing which I wanted to make sing Don't Speak just to remember old times. I used computer software to make the animation. I hope her lip sync is at least good.

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KingsSideCastle said...

Wow...that is massively cool. How long did it take to make that animation?...It's really awesome. ^_^

Jimmy said...

a couple of days on and off. i am glad you like it. thanks :D