New Sakura - Super Street Fighter 4 | Sakura Alternate Costume Fan Art

Have you seen Sakura's new outfit on Super Street Fighter IV?  She looks very sexy and feminine with it.  Not that the school uniform didn't but, her new dress gives her extra sexiness I think.  I simply had to try to draw fan art of her with it.

Obviously, it is quite easier to draw her with this alternate costume than with the school uniform.  Another good aspect is that I also like to see her with her bare legs, and in this case she wears pretty pink sandals.  Head band is just her signature piece of clothing.

I was debating on drawing the Ryu type clothing too... Since I went with this drawing I probably won't do any other fan art of her soon, or maybe I will.

Well I hope you guys like my drawing
Sakura belongs to Capcom
I was looking at some videos on Youtube and got inspired to do fan art of Sakura

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Have a great day!
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There will be more fan art coming soon.  :D

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