How to create animated video like this | Anime Girl sings Green Bird by Cowboy Bebop

I can't take credit for the music, and art here, but I put the video together, and you too can create unique videos like this with the help of the following:

1.  A song! Music here is by the Cowboy Bebop sountrack.  The name of the song is Green Bird.  I love cowboy bebop series and movie btw :)  (Any song you like will be ok too)

2.  The face, you can custom create with the help of Anime Face Maker 2 software.

3.  Animate for face lip sync and face expressions with Crazy Talk software

4.  Special effects like old film can be added with the help of Windows Movie Maker.

That is all.  This is my first time not using my own art.  But it is also great to use anime face maker 2.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and best of all you do not need to know how to draw. you don't need a camera either.

Please come back for more of my art and other content.  Thank you all for the visits :) Have a great day!

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Great cartoons animations i like it keep continue it.
Thanks for sharing....

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