I'm NOT Scared - Alice in the Ghost Land

Eerie surroundings with a dilapidated haunted castle like building at the backdrop close behind threatens Alice, lonely without any sign of habitat or even mark of any passage. She walks on a rugged irregular floor with lot of debris creating the only noise of her flip-flop that should have frightened any youth of her age.

Suddenly some bustling noise heard at a distance seemed to approach fast that should have created panic with a lonely girl in such a frightening place. She gently turned her head and saw two ghosts approach her flying and frightening. Gradually the sound increased to terrorizing screams. However, Alice was not disturbed nor was frightened.

The darkness was fast approaching and anybody would have run away from such a horror area. Alice continued to walk glancing those two spirits. Though they were trying to create panic in her, they do not come to an encounter at a closer proximity. Instead of fear symptoms, she was smiling. Those two spirits were confused with her fearless attitude. She uttered,” I am not scared”.

Perplexed spirits returned to their base and referred the matter to an older ghost. They were too curious to know the reason. Then explained the older ghost about the bangle she was wearing. That bangle was a blessed bangle. Blessed by a Wizard who has special powers and practiced magical alchemy. He can even drive ghosts away. He is also an exorcist. Until the bangle remains with her no ghost can harm her or approach her.

She is planning to construct an ashram here to take care of orphan children. That project is approved by members of a good-deed organization she belongs to, and the Wizard is going to support her endeavor. Ghosts understood that when she gets back she will tell about the ghost and the Wizard will come to the place to drive the ghosts away. “It is better that we move away from the spot right now or else we will be driven away!” So saying the senior ghost fled away and the two spirits had no option than to follow.

Even devils will not dare to block when you dare to face evil for good. “I am not scared”, should be your attitude when you dare to do right.

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