Lorna Dane(Polaris) Gets A Love Letter

At the end of summer, Lorna enjoys her last days of bikini wearing at the local beach. Laying down on her back getting a tan, and relaxing she falls asleep. After about an hour, autumn winds start blowing announcing the fall season.

She feels a little chill which wakes her up, but not too extreme. She looks around and sees the people had gone, and abandoned the place. She stretches out to get ready for her leave too, and by mere coincidence she looks up in the sky. Something catches her eye in the distance of the atmosphere. A shiny looking object, too early in the day to be seen as a star, and not any type of plane... a bird could not have that glowing effect.

She could have gone flying to see for herself as her curiosity grew; instead she waited for it as looked like the unknown object was heading towards her. Nothing she ever saw before! Up close looked like a bird shape spirit object which changed florescent colors. It got her attention that she could see a red heart in the center of it. She extended her hand out as to make contact with it, to touch it perhaps... it only whispered a message to her.

The message was "The moment I say you, my heart pierced by a love lance, please girl, I only wish that you would give me one chance", then it faded right then and there. It was clearly a love message... but the only thing that Lorna kept asking herself was... who was her secret admirer???


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O_O Awesome...Polaris is hot!! Really sweet picture. :-)