All I Need Is My Sword

At least, that is what I think she might say! lol. This brand new character is one of my better vectors I think. Very much influence on all the fighting video games I play during my free time, which btw is lots, since I do not have a regular job like most people. I enjoyed making this piece. Sketching is and has always been my favorite phase when coming up with new doodles. Then it's coloring... not that i hate vectoring, but its the least imaginative since I just trace over my sketch.

She took me around 4 hours to finish, from sketching to vector. I do not know if timing is just excessive compare to other artists. I mean, maybe some would say that is much time when they can actually create something simple like a character like this in 30 minutes. I still try to improve though.

Thank you all for your visits and stay tuned for more of my original female characters coming soon. :D
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1 comment:

charma13 said...

You really draw beautiful characters. I like the image you build here, sexy and strong warrior princess.