Hot Agent Natalia

Brand new character: Agent Natalia. I had thought that most of my female illustrations need something extra. Here like in a rare case I drew a background, which most of the times I try to avoid, since I do not consider myself a good background artist. Well this background is not the greatest, but simple to liven the picture a little and enhance the characters surroundings.

I have not created a profile for this new character. The few things I can say and probably might sound obvious are the fact that she wears special bracelets, which enables her to generate power energy balls that can provide light and can also burst when thrown. As the hot weather we are having lately she goes outdoors without her usual suit. Then she feels being followed. she turns back, and readies her power just in case any wise guys might want to battle her.

Took me a good 2 hours from beginning sketch to finished .ai Adobe's Illustrator file (vector) on just the character alone. The background I did on Adobe's Photoshop CS. Thank you all for your visits, and please keep a look out for more of my original art coming soon.

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