Drawing Girls Sample 16: Sexy Warrior Mari

I call this piece: "Sexy Warrior Mari". I had to think long on the title name, and sometimes I do get stuck just trying to figure out the titles I give my art pieces. So, sometimes I end up regretting the name title I have given a specific finished art piece, but I can not change it because once posted I should not and have firm determination to stick with the title name, whatever I have already called it. I guess it is just one of my rules.

Well, here is another one of my female characters posing for me, from sketch to finished work. I am constantly trying to make more characters with different clothing designs. Of course, I look for sexiness on females, but here also gives impression that not shy to use the sword in case anybody wants to be a wise guy! hehe! I kinda went very green on the colors, the great thing about using Photoshop is the ability to change colors to your liking, but before the final coloring stage here it was so same green I got green-sick (is that a word?) haha!! I have the line art version for people who might just be interested in coloring for themselves here!! (Yes, its the original size, and quite large file). Have fun!!

She is in some kind of temple, at the entrance, where the stairs are. I was not sure I wanted to do a background, because I feel I need more practice and speed to come up with beautiful backgrounds. I think I should do them more often, and it also helps enhance my images

Mari that is her name, most of the time she will not be carrying her sword, as she lives in a peaceful village, but once in a while she might mind revels from other towns who come to bully the villagers, and so her weapon comes in handy. She is one of the good guys, and thank God, because I would not like see her as evil doer. haha!! Well, till next time, take care and keep drawing and the imagination flying. Comments? Suggestions? I welcome them!. Thanks!!

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what a tease! lol