Drawing Girls Sample 17: Fan Art

I haven't had the chance to post anything for a while because I have been distracted for some days now, but I just finished this long time project I started a month ago. Certainly this is one of favorite drawings. I have always liked sexy females who show they can also get into a sword fight.

This piece was created for my friend at deviant art. I enjoyed drawing his character here, and hope he likes it. I always try to experiment on my coloring technique. I have noticed that my 2 tone colored drawings get less views, as opposed to when I just use the burn and dodge tool on Photoshop. I think I will improve my coloring style as I go ahead and create more of my colored pieces.

The character seems somehow much younger than the one I did before here. This looks much cuter I think. I am pleased with how she turned out on the pose too. If you wish to know who she belongs to please visit my friends page at deviant art here!! There is more coming so please stay tuned. have a great day!! :D

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