Vanessa's New Shoes - KOF Fan Art

Vanessa from King Of Fighters series (KOF).  I simply love this character and her style.  She is a middle aged woman, very sexy, and none like her in the KOF series.

What better way to say that I am a fan, other than creating a fan art of her?  Here I tried to stay true to her original outfit, with the exception of her shoes.  She won't be fighting anyone with those shoes; They are not safe for running, dodging, or anything she does that requires fast movement.  But I could be wrong!

Its fine! I created this piece for her to show, she can wear other shoes besides her original ones, and perhaps for other occasions other than fighting.  Maybe Vanessa wants to go shopping, or dinner, or on a date?  (I don't know if she is married, or not; Wiki didn't say) Who knows!

Come back for more of my fan art.  Thank you for visiting!  Also; please leave a comment.  Till next time, have an awesome day! :)

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