Manga Babes Having Fun

Here is my recent work. I did spend quite a bit of time just adjusting color to the way I wanted (was quite a lot of work for me /sweat ), but glad how it turned out. Just love the summer and love spending it outdoors as much possible and enjoy the sun.

So here are two manga/anime styled babes being very playful and happy enjoying a good day. I think I could have added some elements, but then I decided not to take the attention from the girls themselves. On the background notice that the horizon line in where the the ocean ends is bent a little... do not actually know if this was good idea to incorporate in my drawing, but I have seen some cool art game, and manga art pictures where this element looks amazing and I also wanted to give it a shot. So please comment if you wish! I will soon be adding more of my art.


PoppyCat said...

I like the sloping horizon, it adds a nice 'fishbowl' effect to the whole picture.

Miss Jeanett said...

That looks really great - you're really good!!


Luana Aldor said...

Hi, I'm an admirer of anime art, and mangas too. Glad to meet you on the digital streets. I'm very impressed by yours drawings. I know very well that this vocation is requiring you a lot of your time.
See, if you wish: