Hands Palms, and Feet Soles

A random girl with pink tutu shows us her hands, and feet.  For me hands were at one time the hardest to draw cause I always wanted to draw realistic hands.  Not the case here.  I consider I draw cartoon hands, and also feet.  They don't seem real.

As for the background, at first I was thinking of having her sit on the floor or something, but looking at this image again many times, she could be laying down, having the camera on top looking down, or she could be standing, where the camera would be down at the bottom and she could be standing on transparent glass.  I guess I went for the first one since I made a bit of shadow.

I have gotten some compliments on the way I draw feet.  They think I draw them cute, but then again there are other people who do like the way I draw them.  What do you think?

This picture has also a bit of the perspective element, something I want to include in many of my future drawings.

I hope you all like the drawings you see here on my blog.  Please check back for more of my art coming soon.  Thanks for reading, and watching my stuff.  Have a wonderful day everyone!! :)

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