Sleeping Girl On Moon

You are now feeling sleepy, sleepy... haha! I guess that is what I was in the mood for when I drew this illustration.  I sometimes feel I don't get enough sleep time during the night, and have to take day naps, but that is enough about me.

She is just a random character I created.  Done to make a feel of peace, sleep, tranquility, calmness.  Wasn't sure if the whole black space was better than dark blue.  I liked this color settings more than that.  I hope many people will like this drawing too.

All the art seen here was done by me, and belongs to me.  There is more coming soon.  I have stopped doing fan art for a while, but planning to do that in the future.  Please do not use my illustrations without asking me.  Feel free to leave a comment below on anything you wish to say about this drawing.  I appreciate your visits, views of my manga art.

Have an awesome day everyone!

Commissions? Yea, I do them here!

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