Unexpected Visitor

Just one typical day, early morning, the girls Janet (the brunette, sitting) and Doris (to the right), prepare themselves for the chores to do for the day... after they shower and while getting dress and ready, they always enjoy a good cup of chocolate...

These two friends share the same house. They have being living together for about some time, and when they both started working, their home became a little messy. Both having jobs (and felt tired to do their household cleaning themselves) they were able to earn extra money for their living expenses, so they decided to hire a maid to help around the house.

They are both single women living in a small town in the North America. It is very peaceful there, and everyone is very nice, caring people.

Janet had talked to her father by phone just a week before this picture here. Her father lives about 300 miles away from her. She invited him over to get to know where she was living (after she moved from home), and to introduce her friend. She had a good relationship with her father... and so it happens that he agreed to pay her a visit in about one week, the exact day was unsure...

Wednesday morning (5 days after the phone call) Janet's father headed to see his daughter. He had no problems finding the address. While the girls were being their usual selves, there was a knock at the door. Janet had the feeling it was her father and said to come on in... He came inside the house and greeted. Doris on the other hand had been without her top, and so she covered up quickly and ran her room to get properly dressed up.

A little awkward moment, but it happens all the time.

Chacters, story and manga art by yours truly
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