Welcome To My Mini Shop

That is what this lady is saying. Of course this time I did not want to add the talking bubble in there. I don't know exactly the reason, but I guess I wasn't feeling it. This sure took some time to finish. I am glad on how it turned out.

There were 2 computer programs I used in the creation of this piece. One being, Photoshop; for the main Character girl, and the silhouettes also. The other was 3ds max. I created this mini shop probably like a month ago. It was very useful and blended well with the main girl.

About this piece: Well, She here is the owner of this small shop for women, she sells many girls' accessories and quite limited clothing. She makes her own sexy clothing line designs and sell them in the small shop. So for her business i$ quite booming, lol.

Thank you much for the visits and please be back for more of my OC art. Have an excellent day.

Click the image to see the real size resolution.

All artwork seen here belongs to me.

Please do not use my art without my permission.

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