Urusei Yatsura, Lum Child Sketch

Here is my fan art of Lum, from Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi. This was really a great anime and I was really hooked on the TV series, movies, and ovas. I came to remember when there was one movie in particular where she is 5 years old or something. She was so cute! I do believe it was on movie number 5 called "final chapter" really a must see if you are a fan.

I think I haven't made much practice on drawing children. Note that this, as some may be tempted to think, is not a chibi figure. I hope it is convincing enough that she is collecting flowers in her little "lum" basket haha!

Hey, about last post on the contest I had set up, I canceled it. After I had posted, I think that the line art I did, was not so good. I will perhaps hold one later on, it will be posted here, and the time frame should not be that long, I promise.

As for this fan art, I have no plans on to continue with the coloring. If someone would do the honors to digitally adding great colors to it, let me know. There is no prize though it will just be for the fun of it. If no one volunteers, I will probably do it in some free time I should have in the long future... or we'll see.

For the visits, I thank you all. There will be more fan art from animes from me soon. Take care friends :D

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