Sonsaku Hakufu Vs Kanu Unchou

Here is yet another of my fan arts involving Ikki Tousen characters. The Battle Vixens ^o^ To the left is Sonsaku Hakufu and to the right is my most favorited character of the series; Kanu Unchou. She is extremely sexy to me, and here she is throwing a hard kick where she loses her sandal, but Sonsaku dodges pretty good.

Overall this seems to be a video game screen shot and Kanu, seems to be loosing, but that is ok, because she can make a come back in a flash!

The outfits? I tried to stay true to what they usually wear, with the exception of foot wear, here they both wear sandals just because sometimes sandals are much better in hot days, and to me, I think they have nice feet to display. hahaha! ^^

This piece certainly took me some time to finish. The original resolution size was so big that my computer could hardly handle it. So to make it easier for me, I had to decrease it.

I am glad on how the dynamic poses turned out. I hope anyone else here likes it too. Please comments are very encouraged.

That is all for now, Keep watching for more of my fan art, friends /wahaha

click the image for view of larger size

all the art seen here belongs to me

Kanu chan, and Sonsaku belongs to Ikki Tousen.

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Curmudgeon said...

I like the way the purple hair frames the action.