Lum Singing

Finally I finished. was taking long breaks in between parts of works, that is why I took very long.

anywho, this is Lum; for all you who are not familiar she is from the 80s anime Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens)from genius Rumiko Takahashi. I really started watching this anime in the 90s though. did spend much time watching most of the tv series and ovas and movies. Found the stories very entertaining, funny, sometimes romantic, but mostly funny situations...

I always love the teenage oni girl with electric powers. I have her singing her love song here. well I do not know how to write Japanese so I had to improvise with our letterings.

all the art seen here all belongs to me
this is fan art of Lum
character from Urusei Yatsura belongs to Rumiko Takahashi


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Very sexy!