Juri, Street Fighter 4, Fan Art. 20k DA Pageview Special

Here is the drawing I did for my Deviant Art page celebrating my 20,000 pageviews there. I know for some it's just a few, but for me it is quite a lot since I have been on Deviant Art for almost 4 years. Sometimes being really active and sometimes just not being.

I had been meaning to do Juri (the korean, tae-kwon-do, bad girl with flashing evil eye) for a long time, but with all the new fan arts I have been doing, have not had the chance. I think she is fairly new to street fighter, so I think her popularity is still growing...

I have her doing a fireball with her finger here. although I just made it up, since for what I have seen so far is that she throws fireballs when she kicks.

this is fan art of Juri
all art seen here by me
Character design belongs to Street Fighter copyrighted to Capcom.

There is more fan art to come, so please keep watching! ^.^

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