Yoga Winry Rockbell, FMA

Here is my fan art of a great female character by the name of Winry Rockbell. She is from one of the great animes of all time: Full Metal Alchemist.

A couple of notes here:
1. I was not sure on this pose because it does not seem like a common usual pose. I just hope it does not seem too weird; on her legs specially.

2. She is wearing a bikini, because I want summer to be here asap. The hearts on her bra, because we still in February and its the month of love.

3. She is also wearing a special collar I design for her. It has an H which stands for my DA Id name.

4. Just to note something! I worked on Photoshop to create this piece. I notice that some zig zag lines can really look like they are straight from far, far away. So I think it helps when I work on a very large canvas. please click the image for enlarge size.

5. I just hope I can improve my coloring, because sometimes it does not seem good to me.

for the visits, I say: Thank you :D and please keep viewing for more of my fan art coming soon.
all art seen here is by yours truly, Character: Winry Rockbell belongs to Full Metal Alchemist :D

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