Lili Rochefort Custumized, Tekken Series, Fan Art

Not exactly the way Lili dresses in Tekken. Hey, but if I am the designer of her clothes, she will wear it and like it. hehe!
I think she does look sexy to me in this get up, Well, dealing with a sexy babe I think anything will look sexy on her. Still waiting to get my hands on the new Tekken 6 game. I just hope it is sooner than later.

This drawing took me a whole day to do. unreal. it looks so simple when its finished, but really a time consuming when I need to edit the zig zag lines after the scanning process. Yea, I use the traditional way to draw: pencil and paper. Still I wish I had a good tablet so everything would be digital. For now this is good enough. This is fan art of Tekken's Lili Rochefort. She looks cute, but a serious butt kicker if you have not seen her in action in the video game.

All art seen here by me. Lili belongs to Namco's Tekken series.

click image to see the full resolution size

Please be back for more fan art I will do soon :D Thanks for the views, and have a great day :D

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