Ororo M, Storm From X Men (Fan Art)

Storm has always been my favorite X-Men character from the women. She is truly amazing. Her powers to control weather is great and she can fly because wind is also an element she can control. I remember back in my days of school I would go to the local comic book store and buy Uncanny X-men. I still have a pretty good collection from the 90s, though I have stopped collecting the comic books. Back then, there were two X-men teams. Charles Xavier had divided the team in two; I guess because the mansion got overwhelm by many new mutants that had joined the good guys. One X-Men team was lead by cyclops, and the other lead by Storm. Yes, I always thought that Ororo Monroe made an excellent leader.

As a tribute to Storm I made this fan art. Character credits to Marvel Comics. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted the pose to be. I wanted to show off a little of her power, and how pretty she might look in my manga style art. On the background it might be one of the rare times that I usually go with black, but I think it enhances the lighting balls she generates. Overall took me quite a little time to color, not so much to sketch or trace on my vector software, but happy withe the end result. I hope every one likes it...Please feel free to browse my other fan art, I will add more as soon as I get a chance.

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