Drawing Big Eyed Girl Lori

here is a quick (no kidding) video of me doing just what I like to do best. Lori is 14 years old and likes to have her picture taken or drawn. portrait shots are her favorite. I like drawing her because she looks /please to me, with her big eyes. hehe!

Thank you all for your visit, and have a wonderful day!


Mizzholborow said...

I love it!
I'm so glad I found your blog, it's inspired me to get back into manga-drawing, too...though none of my drawings could compare to yours.
You're very talented :)


Awesome Sara said...

AWESOME!!! i'm starting to believe she is real!

Charlz C said...

Very nice work, I have always been a huge manga and anime fan. Thank you for your friendship.

BooDy said...


Chito said...

Turning to say hello, hope you're well :3
Ho Yea. You're very talented (^0^)/

Crochet Fun Hub said...