Random Manga/Anime Greeting Girl

Here is a simple drawing of a random anime/manga girl. Simple design background too, all edits done in Photoshop CS. She definitely has big eyes which kinda makes her look somewhat like very young for her womanly body. maybe a little much, but she does look cute in my opinion. She is in a casual pose and probably saying "hi" or "hello" or just "bye", "see you later" greeting somehow.

I submitted to Fotolia, but lately have had many problems and they deny my illustrations mostly because of technical problems. The thing is that Fotolia do not specify what is the real problem with a specific image... so I am left to wonder on how to fix whatever they seem to have a problem with. Hopefully this one will be live on their server. Thank you all for the visits and have a great day

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Almost Precious said...

Yes sometimes it is very helpful to get a little feedback so that one can correct the problem and resubmit something more suitable. That happens a lot with writing...a magazine will reject a story and tell the writer it's not what they want at that time, but then you have no idea what it is that they want !!!