Hug For Valentine's Day?

Hug for today being the 14 of February(Valentine's day)? Lol! this reminds me when I walked around the mall the other day with my sister and my cousin, there was a girl there with a big sign that said "Free Hugs". Funny cause mostly everyone acted too shy to approach her for a free hug; including me. hehe!

Well, you know, Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays and there was a time that I did not care for it much. But finding my love has opened my sensible side I guess. Plus I think I have matured also. Hehe, but there's still some sides of me that will never grow up. Or at least that's what I hear from my close friends. (0_o)

This piece was not a lot of work, in fact the only thing that I did quite spend much time on was the background. Yes! :D it is original. I am glad on how the coloring came out. Her hair could have had more details I guess. the highlights were kept to a minimum. She is just your simple manga next door girl with a bikini and wearing some type of man shirt lol! All edits, and coloring after scanning was done in Photoshop CS. Please stay tuned for more of my art, and thank you all for the visit!

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