Drawing Girls Sample 14: Tired And Captive

Here is my original character really tired and just desperate!! She got captured by the enemy. Her troops retreated, but unfortunately, they got her hostage and locked her in the dungeon. Ball and chained, she has struggled just moving about. Its really hard to remove the chains even when they left her sword, she is still helpless. Where is a hero when you need one? haha!

I really enjoyed creating this piece and wanted to do a sort of 3ds max background on it, but I don't have the program installed in my computer yet. So I just had to be creative with only using Photoshop CS. I am glad how this drawing came out, although I do not consider myself good adding colors. The sword might seem weird as I did this one time before, but yes it is embedded on the ground not lying down flat on the floor.

Took me quite a bit of time finishing this drawing, I'd say maybe 4 hours, Yea I a slow worker... haha. The line art drawing is available for anyone who might want to try and put their own colors on. You can download it full size here! Please no reproduction or doing business with my art unless I use a link here that will guide you to. It is just for fun! Well, keep watching for more, thanks ^_^

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