Rinoa Fan Art Quick Sketch

My version of Rinoa from Final Fantasy. It is a picture I drew back in 2006. It is just done by pencils and scanned using just the black and white. Well, Rinoa was one of my favorite characters in the Final Fantasy series, was and still am into those kinds of (Role Playing) games. I think the cut scenes in the game at that time were really ahead of it's time. Now not so much with advanced technology.

This sketch might have took me 5 minutes to draw; not a big deal, and although is not as beautiful as she might actually look, its got my signature style. People have complemented me on this sketch and said that the lips are good feature. I certainly did not try to make her expression sad, just casual, but her eyes do look a little sad, don't they? Well, until my next image, stay tuned for more...

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