Drawing Girls Sample 9: Lt Noin Look Alike

Short blue haired female at the beach. bright and sunny day is the best to enjoy the cool refreshing ocean waters. This design came to me watching Gundam Wing. believe it or not she was supposed to be lieutenant Noin, but changed my mind and just named her Noin look alike. So this falls on the "original characters" category not on "fan art" category.

She is quite tall and sexy. I was not too sure about the background; I was thinking that it is too simple and lacks many attractive elements; maybe a boat, the sun, some mountains, seagulls or airplanes would have help, but this seems to be fine here too. the colors are bright and that is what I was aiming for.

This sure would be perfect for a magazine ad or something like that. I have this in my gallery here for sale for those who may want to get the rights to copy and reproduce for business purposes. Click here for full specs.

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