Cammy Bisonized

Here is my version of Cammy (Street Fighter character by Capcom). She is wearing somewhat M. Bison clothes here, as new ending I created. When she finally takes over M. Bison's Shadaloo and commands all the badies.

Now with her moves plus inheriting Bison's moves as well, she is going to be a really tough boss in Street Fighter 2 the final chapter. haha!

I am really glad on how the braids came out here! she has long beautiful blond hair, light blue eye color, her top fit condition and great sexy body. As opposed to just showing her all covered up like M. Bison, she has some body parts uncovered and we get to see some of her sexy skin; her stomach for example with very curvy waist, and part of her legs and feet. Yes. the sandals she wears make her feet exposed, and I tried to make them sexy as well. Her toenails painted because after all she is a girl who can kick butt, without damaging her nice pedicure haha!. The cape was something I could not forget and it is a really good Bison element, and for this pic it also gives power to the overall drawing. The Pose not so casual, she is showing off her psycho power ability.

Took me quite some time to come up with this piece. I had to spend much time on the braids more than anywhere else on the drawing. Comments or suggestions on anything you would like to see me draw? Comment-reply, thanks... ^.^

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