Drawing Girls Sample 8

Inspired by the great job the USA did on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I am so proud on female gymnastic team that represented us. Yay! That hard work really paid off. So I did this little drawing, who I decided to name gymnast x. haha! But similarities to any of the team member is just coincidence. lol!

I am glad how this came out, and looking at it for more than a 100 times, I think I like how the little things stand out. For example her ribbon, and her also pink round earrings. I was actually not sure if the thick black outlining was going to be a good element, but I guess it worked out good here! Her pose is as she has just finished a routine, smiling like she knows and has just done an excellent performance. Audience clapping and wanting more! haha!

I have also made this file for sale for those who are interested in copying and reproducing for business purposes. Click here to full specs.

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