Drawing Girls Sample 5

Another one of my OC. Decided to fill in a profile for her, for a change. I usually do not include backgrounds to the images I intend to sell, but I guess it worked out fine here. Her outfit is casually sexy, but for real battle she would need a whole lot more armor, haha!

This might take place in the future, or in the past where technology has advance on some areas. Her shield for example, is not ordinary from the middle ages, it has futuristic elements where is projected from her armlet, but as equally or more strong than any other shield. Her sword is not quite futuristic, but I did seem to make it unique in its shape, quite long too, and curvy at the tip.

She holds the title princess because she is daughter of a king, one of three who chose to be a warrior instead of devoting herself to other things like her sisters.

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