Celeste Fan Art

This be fan art of my friend's OC. Her name is Celeste. She got some sexiness for attributes and really long eyelashes, which I think makes her look very cute.

Once in a while I like to play with line colors, as you can see here the line art is colored. It makes the whole image more appealing, but in reality, it's super time consuming, well, at least for me. Because after I have the sketch, then scanned, then traced on vector software, then I need to color the lines, and not just any color, they have to be accordingly to filled-in color. All that, and still have not done the inside color yet.

I always look for more ways that would work better and faster for me when making my drawings. I guess if you want something neat, you gotta be willing to invest time and be patient to come up with a decently nice drawing. Every artist has got his own way to do work, I am open to hear how you do your art. Maybe I will learn something. Please comment-reply. Thanks in advance!

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