A Chubby Anime Girl Loses Weight

This girl is a bit of a show off.  She is here showing off she has lost weight, but still not thin as other sexy anime girls.   Now she can wear the jeans she wore once, but then she couldn't because she was fat, and did not stop eating burritos, taco bell, hamburgers, hot cheetos, cookies, and much more fattening foods.  The diet has paid off well.

The only thing we don't have is a before picture.  This drawing consist of simple elements.  The girl which I drew manually, scanned and photoshop, and the background was done also in part of photoshop (gradient aspect of it) an many octagon shape patterns done in 3d software.

Hope you all like it and if you want to commission me to draw you a sexy girl like this one, please contact me at my Deviant art page.  Thanks and have a great day! :)

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