Girl With Laptop Computer

Again, still testing and sharpening my 3ds max skills.  The real feature here is the chair she is sitting on.  Very simple design for a chair.  It is comfortable and elegant piece of furniture for future homes perhaps?

Redering with mental ray in 3ds max is something I am still exploring.  I usually never changed it from the default scanline renderer.  I am loving the cool features of the mental ray. I wanted to do some cautics in this scene, but I could not, mainly because I am still learning and got a few error messages regarding photons and such.  Also rendering caustics takes a loooong time.  Specially with my slow computer.

I made the girl here so she could test the chair, while she is on her laptop.  Once more, this scene involves 3d elements with my manga/anime art.  The 3d elements include lots of ink and paint, so it will have cartoon outline effect so it will blend good with my art.  I hope this looks fine.

To come up with a the final scene.  I had to experiment rendering the scene by itself and use photoshop to try to fit the girl there.  many times it didn't so I had to play with positioning the camera in a ranged of angles.

Below some of my test renderings:
This is what I used without the girl:

And some of the rest:

All art seen here belongs to me.  Thank you for your visits :)

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