Martian Likes Earthling Girl

Once upon a time, there was martian who traveled from mars to the earth.  The ship he came into crashed on the ocean floor. He desperately got some artifacts that could barely float on the waters. Trying not to drown he took hold of some of the artifacts.  He looked like a helpless creature without any hope of survival.

Not so long after the incident, A lady was sailing on her boat.   As when the girl saw the martian, she was afraid at first, but her generosity got her to save the stranded martian...Luckily the martian survived, and got acquainted with a girl who happen to sail there and saved him.  Not knowing the how to communicate at first with the martian, the girl began to make hand gestures.

The martian knew English.  His super advanced technology allowed him to learn any language at a ultra fast speed.  He then explained that he was not from earth.  She could not believe it.  At first when she had seen him, she never imagined he was from another planet.  At the very least she though that he could have been a mutant or some other person.

She cared for the martian.  She took him home and wanted to keep the secret to herself about hosting a martian in her home.  Of course anytime she needed to go out, she would tell him to stay indoors.  She thought that publicizing the news would probably bring bad consequences.  And this was explained to the martian, and he obeyed her.

A couple of months had gone by.  From the look of things the secret had been well kept, but for how long?  The martian wanted to go back to his planet, but his ship had completely been destroyed.  The martian missed his planet and missed his martian ladies.  To the point of looking at her earthling girl as possible mate.  But then knowing it could be impossible he decided to go and build a new spaceship and return home.  The girl gladly helped.  It was not too long after approximately 9 months He finally completed the space ship and returned home.  This was never told by anyone.  But the girl with the green hair knows all about it.
Story and art by me
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characters belong to me... any resemblance to any known character is purely coincidental
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