Gutters Comic -Fun Online Comic

I’m a big comic fan of comics traditional or other wise as long as they keep me reading. With this said, Gutter comics a fun online web comic and comic book store that pokes fun at the traditional comic book industry. Gutters was written by Ryan Sohmer, with Lar deSouza as Art Director and Ed Ryzowski serving as colorist. Gutter comics in very light hearted and easy going online comic that is meant to put a laugh on your face.

The Gutter comic is not a one story comic like Superman or Batman it’s series of stand alone comics .Gutter comics can be spoofs like when Superman renounced his American citizenship , other times it can get very insider, like the digs at Dan Didio .For someone looking for conventional good guy beats bad guy feel your not going to get it there. There website has a simple layout that makes it easy to maneuver through . Illustrations are handled by several different artists, many of whom are well known for they’re skilled art work in comics. Gutter comics is like a breeding ground for artist to test their skill . And because of that some comics may be better than others . The art work in this comic makes it more creative and unique that there isn’t some same old artist working on it every week .

The styles can range from retro to new age .If anything, The Gutters exposes a lot of lesser known artists to a wide audience. What is unique about this web comic it can appeal to the people who love comic books but aren’t all that into super heroes . This web comic is not just about the collectors who live in their mom’s basement or people who are in the industry themselves. All of the comics are easy to follow and even though some might be more insider but you can get the idea or joke that there saying. the point is that as long as you a have a basic knowledge of American comics . you can enjoy the comic just as the comic book masters that can name all Superman’s major enemies. That want so refreshing about this web comic it’s no longer inbred. Their store is not big and only sella couple of items it’s mostly for the people who love the comic already.

The gutter does have it’s downsides some times there jokes are over done and their art work is bad. But even comedians have a stale joke once in a while. I would urge you to check out this comic your self and decide if you like it or not. All in all their website is always color full and beautifully made.

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