Ryomou Shimei Fan Art, Ikki Tousen

Here is Ryomou Shimei from Ikki Tousen writing my DA name. Oh wow, I did not know I was her fan hahaha! Well, the battle vixens are always sexy, so this piece was actually very much fun to create. Ah! her outfit, it is mostly what she wears in the anime, but I just made a small adjustment to my version. Her boots are replaced with slide on sandals, I like this look for some reason. Very well, what do people think about it: good, bad, or neutral?

Ok the writing might seem a little sloppy there. It is because she is actually using two of her fingers to write on the wall with white paint. It reads: hect06. for those who can't quite make it out. I mean the h seems like an L, but just a little. hehe!

Well that is all for this time on the fan art department.
All the artwork seen here belongs to me
Ryomou Shimei belongs to Ikki Tousen.
Click image to see the enlarge version. (It is quite large, I might add)

Check back with me for more fan art. Until then friends, have an excellent day :D

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