Don't Crush Jennifer

Here is a sort of a funny looking drawing I did. I call it: "Don't Crush Jennifer". Obviously because my little anime/manga type girl you see here is named Jennifer, and the dude is a heavy wrestler by the name of "Crush".

You see, on vacation in Hawaii, Jennifer relaxes in the sun, by the beach with her cool iced beverage, all of the sudden, this large person ignoring her existence sits on her chair and goes on ahead as if he is going to crush the poor girl by laying down on top of her. Angered by this Jennifer then pushes the guy with her feet, but seems like trying to move a mountain. Is he deaf that he can't her her complains I wonder, or he just wants to be really annoying to girls. hehe :D

Well, it looks like i will go on exploring this business of story telling a little bit more. I have another comic strip in the works and hopefully will upload soon. It is quite short, but different from the other ones I have done in the past and uploaded here, I will try to get it colored. It will only be a 3 or 4 panel strip. Not a big deal, but for me making comics can be quite hard work. Until then my friends. Thanks for visiting and have real goooood one :D

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