Drawing Manga Girl Face OC Beatris

I love just doing the pencils, but some might say that work slow. Here on this video wanted to draw the entire upper body, but run out of time. Thank you for your visit and you all have a nice day! :D


Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

I was looking at a how-to sketch book on Manga the other day in the library. Very interesting!

Mizzholborow said...

Ah, this is pretty cool!
I want to get back into drawing manga when my exams are over.
I find your blog interesting and you've clearly got a lot of skill :)
So I'll be following!


Crochet Fun Hub said...

Great stuff! I am completely entertained, thanks. I'll come back more often.

cpsanti said...

i still love using pencils to draw; it gives you a sort of satisfaction ;-)