Manga Girl Angel On Sky Bridge

I had this sketch for maybe a year. It was just sitting there with the rest of sometimes forgotten drawing pile. I do like the look and I think my drawings do not suffer much in quality when I leave them as is, as opposed to digitize the line art, and getting rid of my strong shadows.

Well, here is a manga/amime style angel, walking toward the camera lens, on a bridge that is suspended on the sky. Clouds so close, you touch them, hehe! :D I tilted the view a little so it has more character. I was thinking of just posting the colorless version, but do not want lazy, although I have always said that coloring is not my thing.

Well anyway, I hope my manga girl angel on sky bridge will be liked. and please be sure to come back for more of my drawings and short story strips. Thank you all for your visits and have an excellent day! :D


twincedar said...

Love your drawings! Thanks for visiting my blog!

DeathAngel-Sama said...

Wow...your REALLY good...maybe I should put some of my pics on here.....I'll think about it.

Lujo said...

Congratulations! Your work is fantastic.
I Love yor drawings!!

See you soon!