Random Manga Girl In Unknown Place (Drawing Manga Females Example 19)

I made this piece as a test of my coloring technique. I have seen great art and anime masterpieces that use black paralell lines for creating a sense of shadow. Well, this was just my first time trying it, here it goes. hehe! After looking at the final product, I think I still need more practice, but then again, who can really say they have master drawing in all aspects?

Background is unknown place, she finds herself asking where she is as she just appeared there out of nowhere. This could be very well somewhere on earth dart at night, on a gateway to another realm, planet, or she could be just having a dream. The fear of the unknown is a great threat for any human. lonelyness might just be another. the two combined are my most personal enemies.

From sketch to finish, this might have took me some time, but not as much as some other work I have done before. You can have access to the line art for adding your own colours, just for fun, find and download the file HERE!

For business type usage of this image such as reproducing and using it for profit. The final colored version I did here can be bought for as low as 1.00 USD at my fotolia account here.
I will post more whenever I get a chance, so please stay tuned. Take care!!

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