Drawing Girls Sample 12: Girl With Laptop Computer

A random character, and in good theme here. I have seen many of the pictures sold by picture selling sites and the "girl with the laptop" is one of the top ones. Yes, I decided why fight against it, just go with it, make one and brand it with my signature style haha!

Well, she is just having so much fun on her brand new laptop she bought at the electronic store near by. She enjoys the chat rooms and spends hours on end there. Much like I did a while back too, hehe! So when she got home, she made the set up for her laptop which nowadays is just simple and super quick, took off her shoes, got comfortable on her bed and with wifi, she is off browsing the world wide web.

I decided to keep it simple, as most of my drawings are, and added no extra background. Took me quite a while from the moment I finished sketching to the finish product. Yes, cleaning it up, adding color, and doing extra editing can be quite hard. I am glad how it turned up though, I will be back with more, so stay tuned....

Btw, this image is now available for sale for people who want to get the rights to copy and reproduce for business purposes just go to this link, thanks. ^_^

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