Drawing Girls Sample 11: Fighting Mode Girls

As always this takes me as little as maybe an hour to come up with a sketch like this. In this case I had no reference drawing here, just used my brain. see how together they are? well, this has jut been tweaked a little. I drew the middle girl first then the one at the right and then the left. It did not come so closed as this; I made it so they would be much closer together.

Coloring is the hardest part for me. It requires great patience and most of the time. Even using Photoshop as my software, coloring, editing can be time consuming. I would guess the finished piece was around 3-4 hours in the making.

Well, these are some of my random characters posing...punch..punch..kick.. haha! They like to pose to the camera although I don't know if they are catchy to the eye, but I did have an action pose in mind before starting the sketch phase. I kinda don't it as much as I should, but this piece here has that 3d effect. As you can see the fist and foot come forward towards the camera. It is a great effect, but one must know perspective to make it right judgment. I think I have struggled in this area, but the more you do it, the better you get at it.

Below is the cleaned up colored finish drawing. I am really glad on how it turned out, although the feet of these women seem to be larger than the usual. I would justify this as a mix of cartoon and manga style art, and so it's got my signature style. Hope its liked!!

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