Drawing Girls Sample 13

This is a sorceress witch showing off her powers. I wanted to create a profile for her and place it on the drawing, but I thought I could do that later. See, I never liked small letters on pictures, plus it distracts me from the main idea. She is quite sexy and I do have fun creating the outfit. though here, I thought the less the better.

This goes against all who draw witches as old, wrinkled, decrepit, hunched back, moled sea hags, haha! As you can see here, not the case!! but maybe this form could just be her witchery too I guess lol.

Glad on how this turned out, although the wings could have been straight instead of wavy. kinda like my Morrigan's picture here!!

As of some of the drawings here, this illustration is up for sale at this site here for people who want to get rights of copy and reproduce for business purposes. Till next time; stayed tuned! ^.^

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