Mileena Fan Art + My Character

My character is the one on the left, Mileena is the one on the right, Mileena belongs to Mortal Kombat video game (all rights reserved). As you can see if you have played the game Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Mileena is one the bad guys I believe, she has beautiful eyes, hair, sexy body, but do not unveil her mouth. It is something out of a horror film, hehe!

I based of my character on Mileena, my character is definately one of Mileena's deciples if she ever had any. She is not the one to talk much, she is quiet and only speaks if necessary. she is mean and a bully. Most of the time she will be minding her own business, and not pick a fight just because, but its better to be out of her way in case she is in a bad mood.

This sketch was done in pencils, nothing else, I just scanned it and there. Some drawings look great just using black and white. The dark shadows here stand out. Notice that the light must be on one side (in this case left) and shadows on opposite side (right). Practicing sketching is the first lesson in drawing. Do not worry about placing the perfect stroke, but instead make many light strokes and outline the one that you think fits better.

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