Want To Learn How To Draw Manga?

It is really easy to learn how to draw manga style characters. there are many techniques out there on how you can learn to draw manga and there are many aproches to it.
What has worked for me is practice, practice, and more practice. Yes, sometimes really frustrating but, practice makes perfect as they say. No learning books or special classes required. just a good eye, having the neccesary tools, and be willing to be patient as you acquire more experience and develop the art of creating your own characters in manga style.
Well, learning books are not at all useless, of course it does help. and I did looked at some in my learning experience. and this was really before I had the convinience of the internet. Now it is really easy to find free tutorial on the internet and learn by yourself and have fun doing it. And now there are some premium places where to get really useful techniques for about $30, but worth it.
As for practice is concerned, do you see a drawing and wished you could draw that same? Well, that is exactly what I did when I started doing my own doodles. Have a reference picture and imitate it, but no tracing cause that is cheating. At the first try, you might not get a really good piece of art, but don't get discouraged. That is really how I learned.
Below you will see some of my work. Hope it helps! ^_^

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