Drawing Girls Sample 1

This is quite an old project of mine. I did this sketch and had it sitting on my sketch book for a long time. I even forgot I had it. See, I have old sketches on many different sketch books that I put away when they get full of drawings.

Just recently got it scanned, then traced on vector graphics software, edit and colors on Photoshop CS. Can be quite time consuming, and I still wish I could have worked more the background and shades, but I guess I get too anxious wanting to post as soon as possible.

All of my work can be viewed at my deviant art account here, although I have some other that are not posted there, but I will post here exclusively, just for this being my blog and it is special for me. haha!

Well, I am glad with the ending result of this, but not too much. I guess I was aiming at a very colorful picture, as anyone can see there is minimum white and black here. These girls are quite taller than my usual girls but it works out fine. all their outfits are product of my imagination and tried to make them a bit sexy with curvy body's.

Out of the five I am proud of the middle one. She came out with the best pose and outfit. Which one do you think is better of the five? Please post-reply or just comment is welcomed. Thanks!


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