No Sale Chibis - Buy Custom

So I put them on sale thinking I was gonna make at least $20 from them, but nobody bought any.  Maybe because they were for sale for only 3 days, and I don't have many viewers on my Deviant Art account... Bummer. But its okey I can keep em an use them.  I made 8 different chibi designs as you can see with the potential to make more.  Did you like any of them? Comment below and say which number you like.

Well, these are NOT for Sale anymore, but I can custom make one for you for only $5.  Contact me, I take paypal.

Here is what you can DO and CANNOT do with any chibi drawing you get from me:

-Share with friends.
-Give as gift
-Post anywhere
-Change design
-Give her a name

-You don't have to credit me for the design, but...
-Don't claim as your own design
-Do not resell (unless you buy the rights to do so... Contact me)

I hope I have not left out anything important.  Well till next time friends.  Thanks for the visits :)

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