Giant Sexy Bunny Girl on City

Was not sure if I was going to do a giantess picture.  I wasn't thinking about it when I started this sketch.  I added the buildings and the whole background to make it look like a giantess, which was not at first.  At first, all I had in mind was to draw some girl with bunny ears and tail (no background) knowing Easter holiday is coming soon.  coloring was not that bad.  I preferred this styled than any other because its somewhat easy.

She is showing much skin, and sure I could have done even less with a shorter bikini.  haha! Hope you all like it!

This artwork belongs to me.
The character is also my own.  No fan art this time.
Please don't use my art without my permission
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Thank you all for viewing my art, please follow this blog for more of the same.
Have an awesome day! Happy Easter!!! :D

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